FutureCarbonNL submits 70% proposal to National Growth Fund
Successful! Today, FutureCarbonNL is submitting the 70% version of its pioneering Growth Fund proposal to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate.

"Our goal is to establish a global leading CCU carbon technology sector in the Netherlands. To that end, we focus on research, development, demonstration and commercialisation of technologies that can convert CO2 and CO into new materials, chemicals, fuels and food for humans and animals. Thanks to all the partners in our FutureCarbonNL consortium, the submission of our plan brings us another step closer to that goal," says Erik Verbrugge, policy advisor for Innovation at VNCI.


"We need these technologies worldwide in the future to make products without fossil resources. Our ambition is to make the Netherlands a leader in this, so that we can export our technology globally. At the same time, we innovate our industry at home. With green energy, we are building a new, sustainable basic industry, working with CO2-neutral, circular, product chains."  

Industry clusters

In the Netherlands, several industry clusters are already considering the potential of Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU). At EIES2022, Erik Verbrugge (VNCI), Cees Biesheuvel (Dow), Ronald Korstanje (TKI Energy and Industry), Matthias Heinemann (RuG), Petrus Postma (N-Flux), Peter Remco Vellinga (BASF) and Carol Xiao (ISPT) will tell more about the opportunities, possibilities and challenges of CCU and how FutureCarbonNL can help the clusters in this respect.

National Growth Fund

FutureCarbonNL will submit a proposal to the National Growth Fund. The proposed innovation programme covers the full spectrum, from early research to market-ready technology.