FutureCarbonNL: innovative ideas are welcome!

More than 60 scientists participated in an online information session on FutureCarbonNL (FCNL) on 11 October.

Matthias Heinemann (RUG) and Wim Brilman (UTwente), both members of the core team of FutureCarbonNL, gave a short presentation on the Growth Fund proposal, after which participants were called upon to think along and provide input on four research routes brought together under FutureCarbonNL.

"FCNL is an innovation programme open to all parties who can contribute to the goal," explains Matthias Heinemann. "We want to involve as many parties as possible at the earliest possible stage and invite them to share their expertise. FutureCarbonNL is focused on the most innovative, novel ideas and concepts to bring CO2 and CO back into the carbon cycle, and for that everyone is welcome. It's not a closed shop!"

"It's not a closed shop"


Heinemann and Brilman are pleased with the strong interest from academia. "It shows that this topic is alive and well among researchers," they say. This was also evident from a brief survey of participants: many research groups are working on circularity and ways how to build materials in the future based on non-fossil carbon sources.


The Growth Fund proposal aims to bundle all these different initiatives and concepts, and take them further together with industry, so that the Netherlands can become a leader in Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU) in the future. "This is only possible by working closely together and combining the strengths of academia and industry," he said. In the coming months, the FCNL core team will continue working to elaborate and deepen the Growth Fund proposal, and to enthuse and involve as many relevant parties as possible."