Issue: How do we recarbonise the Netherlands?
If we no longer use fossil carbon sources, how and from what will we make our everyday products in the future? That is the question of the future.

On 30 November, FutureCarbonNL - participating in the third round of the National Growth Fund - will present its innovation programme at the two-day European Industry & Energy Summit 2022 (EIES2022), at Brightslands, Chemelot.

In FutureCarbonNL, a consortium of Dutch knowledge institutes and (chemical) companies is investigating the most useful and realistic routes and technologies to use (captured) CO2 and convert CO into feedstock for new materials, fuels and (animal) food.

Industry clusters

In the Netherlands, several industry clusters are already considering the potential of Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU). At EIES2022, Erik Verbrugge (VNCI), Cees Biesheuvel (Dow), Ronald Korstanje (TKI Energy and Industry), Matthias Heinemann (RuG), Petrus Postma (N-Flux), Peter Remco Vellinga (BASF) and Carol Xiao (ISPT) will tell more about the opportunities, possibilities and challenges of CCU and how FutureCarbonNL can help the clusters in this regard

National Growth Fund

FutureCarbonNL will submit a proposal to the National Growth Fund. The proposed innovation programme covers the full spectrum, from early research to market-ready technology.