ISPT Circular Carbon Strategy Day 20 April
Our industry has a huge need for carbon-based energy and materials. To replace fossil carbon, we need to develop circular technologies. This is a huge task. This is what the ISPT Circular Carbon Strategy Day on 20 April is about.

At Vue Cinema in Hilversum, ISPT's Circular Carbon Programme is organising an afternoon of presentations and workshops on various topics such as the value chain of renewable methanol, electrochemistry and gasification to close the carbon cycle.


Walk-in, coffee

12:30 - 13:00


Plenary session

13:00 - 15:30


Sustainable Industry Lab

Gert Jan Kramer



Erik Verbrugge


Project in the picture:


Andy Roeloffzen


Project in the picture: Steel2Chemicals

Matthijs Ruitenbeek




15:30 - 16:45


Renewable methanol value chain

Wim Brilman



Alexander van der Made


Gasification to close the carbon cycle

Melle Nieuwhof



Plenary rendezvous


Kees Biesheuvel



Drinks and networking


Are you actively engaged in Circular Carbon and interested in participating? If so, please contact Antonie de Haas (Programme Officer Circular Carbon Innovation Programme).