NGF proposal FutureCarbonNL not honoured
The advisory committee of the National Growth Fund (NGF) has not honoured FutureCarbonNL's proposal submitted for Round 3. Economic Affairs Minister Adriaansens announced this on Friday.

Despite the strategic opportunities CCU offers for the Netherlands, the independent advisory committee advises the government not to allocate funds to the FutureCarbonNL proposal at this time, the NGF said in an explanation. The committee advises FCNL to further concretise and build on the proposal in possible new submissions.

Resource transition component

The committee sees opportunities for the development of CCU technologies in the Netherlands, also given its strong scientific and industrial starting position. Although the costs are high, experts consider it a necessary part of the long-term raw materials transition. The committee recognises the potential of this proposal, which is aimed at generating new earning power for an industry that is very important for the Dutch economy today.

FCNL regrets the NGF's decision to refrain from allocating funds. In the coming months, the core group will take time to analyse the feedback from the advisory committee and consider possible next steps.

More information on the Round 3 assessment can be found on the website of the National Growth Fund.