New projects sought for FutureCarbonNL resubmission
To resubmit FutureCarbonNL for the fourth round of the National Growth Fund, the innovation programme is looking for concrete pilot and demonstration projects aimed at developing CCU technologies and processes.

The basis of the investment programme is the proposal submitted this spring for the third round of the National Growth Fund. In July, it was announced that the advisory committee of the National Growth Fund did not allocate funds to the proposal. The committee did see opportunities for the development of CCU technologies in the Netherlands, and recommended that the proposal be further fleshed out and expanded upon in possible new submissions.

New scope

In response, the FCNL team decided to adjust the scope of last year's plan. The primary scope for the updated FutureCarbonNL proposal is now: Synthesis of circular oxygenated molecules (C1, C2, C3+) from CO2 for the production of chemical intermediates and building blocks for materials and food ingredients. This includes CO2-capture (including DAC) if integrated with conversion to a final product.

Conditions for pilot and demonstration projects

In this context, FCNL is looking for concrete projects and project ideas in both pilot (TRL 4-6) and demonstration (TRL7-8) phases. This specific call targets pilot and demonstration projects that can start immediately in 2025, if FCNL proposal is approved.

These projects must meet the following conditions:

  • A promising business case in the Netherlands (when relevant regulations are in place);
  • potential product acquisition in the Netherlands (when relevant regulations are in place);
  • prospect of at least one demonstration and eventually one production site in the Netherlands;
  • positive impact on the environment compared to 'business as usual'.
Concrete and precise

Our aim is to make the earlier investment plan more concrete and precise. Without input from companies, this will not be possible. Therefore, we are looking for pilot and demo projects that fit the scope of FCNL and have the right level of concreteness. The schedule is as follows: 

  1. Outreach (before 1 January 2024): if you have an idea for a pilot or demo project* within the scope, please send a message to Erik Verbrugge (Innovation Policy Advisor) with the following information:
  • Name and contact details
  • Expected product, technology and value chain
  • Public and private partners
  • Region where the project would take place
  • Technology Readiness (TRL) and Market Readiness (MRL), now and in the future
  • Financing requirement (estimate)
  • (conflict with) regulations (estimate)

* incomplete projects or organisations looking for partners are also welcome to submit their idea

  1. Intake and support (no later than 1 February 2024): we examine whether there is a match, how the project can be fleshed out with partners and/or additional scope and what additional support is needed to make the project as concrete as possible to become investment and/or grant-ready.
  2. Finalisation of commitments and full proposal (ready 1 June 2024): Based on all start-up projects, supporting economic and environmental assessments, related commitments and the associated strategic narrative, a full proposal will be developed and submitted to the National Growth Fund.

  3. Submission of the full FCNL proposal (end August 2024): The full proposal, including strategic narrative, start-up projects, financial commitments and letters of support will be submitted to the National Growth Fund through the Ministry of Economy and Climate Policy.

More details on maximum funding, funding rates, conditions, among others, will be based on grant-related preconditions and identified project needs. These will be announced later in the process.


The FutureCarbonNL core team looks forward to engaging new partners and together building an impactful CCU pilot and demo portfolio for the Netherlands as well as submitting a winning investment proposal.

Want to know more?

Any questions? Please contact Erik Verbrugge. .