Export of CCU technology as the future revenue model of the Netherlands


FutureCarbonNL is an initiative of:

  • Companies (startups, SMEs, industry): Albemarle, Avantium, BASF, Corbion, Deep Branch, DSM, Dow, Kisuma, KLK Kolb, LyondellBasell, Nobian, Photanol, Shell, Twence, Westlake.
  • Universities: RUG, TU Delft, UvA, UT and UU.
  • Other organisations: VNCI, ISPT, Ministry of Economic Affairs, TNO, TKI Energy & Industry, and ChemistryNL.

The Royal VNCI is coordinating the Growth Fund proposal application, guided by a core team of the above organisations.


FutureCarbonNL is open to all parties and encourages open collaboration between participants. The programme seeks the best ideas and concepts to address the grand challenges of reducing CO2 resolve in the cycle.

Would you also like to join our ambitious innovation programme as an expert, company or startup? Then contact us via info@futurecarbon.nl

Matthias Heinemann
University of Groningen

"This is a great opportunity for the Netherlands. With a boost from the National Growth Fund, our country can become a global leader in Carbon Capture and Utilisation technology. We have everything in place to make this happen: good chemists at our knowledge institutes who are already working on this, chemical industry willing to transform and invest, and green energy to demonstrate the technology. But perhaps most importantly, we are incredibly good at working together, and that is a prerequisite for developing CCU technology and value chains!"

Wouter Meiring

"FutureCarbonNL belongs to all of us. Because CCU technology is desperately needed for the Netherlands and the rest of the world. We need to get our energy and products out of the ground, no longer fossil, but circular. We have also agreed that together in the Climate Agreement."

Wim de Jong

"You shouldn't start at the end of the transition path, but build a bridge to cross the path. And that is what we are doing now; we are facing a huge task and together we have to develop innovations that we can apply in a few years' time. Twence wants to reduce CO2 reuse. We are exploring with a start-up technological developments to recycle CO2 using electricity and water to convert it into formic acid. We expect to run a first test plant in 2023."

Wim Verstappen

"We were happy to participate in the creation of FutureCarbonNL's Growth Fund proposal. Carbyon extracts CO2 directly from the air and FutureCarbonNL offers all kinds of opportunities to turn non-fossil CO2 Making 'value-added products'. From plastics to renewable fuels and, for example, protein, which is important for food supply; not only in the Netherlands but around the world."

Melle Sijbrandij

"We support the FutureCarbonNL proposal because it provides the essential push to enable the Netherlands to become a forerunner in the circular carbon economy. In collaboration with FutureCarbonNL, InnovationQuarter is helping companies further develop the technologies needed for this sector. Among other things, by mentoring, and investing in promising startups."

Peter Remco Vellinga

"FutureCarbonNL is the missing piece in the materials transition as it allows us to address a final source of carbon besides recycling and bio-based. For us it is important because as a company we are also looking for new, alternative sources of carbon. And we can make a good contribution to this with different products and technologies, such as catalysis."

Martijn de Graaff

"The Netherlands can be the testing ground and launching customer become with CCU technologies, from which the whole world can benefit. For a circular and CO2-neutral economy of the future requires knowledge, experience and new technology. And we have plenty of that in the Netherlands; renowned universities that are world leaders in catalysis and coming up with new smart integration concepts, applied knowledge institutions and start-ups that can translate that into first of a kind pilots, and an industry experienced in scaling up and running high-tech chemical processes efficiently."

CCU projects wanted!

Do you or does your organisation work on research or development of conversion technologies that reduce CO2 and exploit CO as a circular resource, or are you considering starting this soon? Then register your project here.

The Royal VNCI is coordinating the Growth Fund proposal application, guided by a core team of the following organisations: