Allegiance on Direct Air Capture
Machines that suck up greenhouse gas from the air and store it. An article on Direct Air Capture appeared in Trouw in early May. It was prompted by the million-dollar investment by clothing company H&M and business bank JP Morgan, among others, in the technology. In total, a group of US tech companies has pledged over $1 billion to permanently remove CO2 from the air.

Trouw also features FCNL partner Dutch Carbyon. The Eindhoven-based startup won prize money from Elon Musk as one of 15 companies last year as a promising company in this field. Founder Hans de Neve calls the 1 billion investment - which, incidentally, is not going to Carbyon - important for the sector, but he says it is remarkable that the biggest support comes from the business community.

Dutch and European governments in particular should encourage these techniques, according to De Neve. "The world needs this. There are some subsidies, but I find it remarkable that it is not a spearhead of policy." He sees governments being wait-and-see, probably until the magic price of 'one hundred euros per tonne of CO2' achieved. "But that is a chicken and egg story, because without support you can never accelerate development," De Neve told Trouw.

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